• Advocating On Behalf of Black Women and Girls in the Dallas Area!

  • From Obesity to Activity Lunch
    September 21, 2019 Dallas, TX

    Everything you eat either fights disease or feeds it: “CHOOSE WELL!” 

    So how do you engage in a healthy lifestyle? 

    How do you begin to make small but progressive changes? 

    What are your barriers to healthy eating and physical fitness? 

    How do you engage in productive physical fitness? 

    Are you signed up at a local gym or aware of healthy eating programs? 

    How do you take care of yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally? 

    What if being healthy in mind, body, & spirit could take you to your next level? 

    You are the greatest factor in your health success! 

    These are All these questions that will be discussed during the lunch-in…

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